My value proposition:

Helping clients navigate the complex process that is in Buying or Selling from guiding skillfully up to closing.

Because you are unique in your wants and needs I am committed to serving you and keeping in mind of your interests at all times before, during and after the transaction process. 

The best way is to meet with me so that I can perform a thorough needs/wants analysis during a free consultation. 

A little bit of my background: 

Computer science ( Local area network/IT for the World Bank)

Bilingual Secretarial jobs in various companies in Paris, France such as IBM, ETPM (Petroleum), Barclay Bank, La Boetie (accounting) and other engineering firms. 

Multi-media technology: webdeveloper/design/master



Lao: speak, read
Thai: speak

French: speak, read and write fluently

English: speak, read and write fluently

I grew up and lived in:
Canberra, Australia (3 years—1965-1968)
Vientiane, Laos/Bangkok Thailand (14 years—1968-1975)
Paris, France (10 years—1975-1985)
Briancon, France (2 years—1988-2000)
London (2 months—summer 1978)
United States (Kentucky, Virginia, Washington,DC, Colorado) since 1985

Travelled and visited:
Most cities in France in particular Normandy (in the 80's I spent many summers in Bayeux in a chateau owned by the Comte Jean d'Harcourt), Côte d'Azur including Monaco
Europe (Portugal, Greece, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg) and USA

(New York, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Washington. D.C, Tennessee, Maryland, Missouri, Virgina, Kansas, Hawaii, Nevada)
Manila, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, South Africa


Having traveled, lived and worked abroad in many countries gave me not only more tolerance, caring, respect and embrace people's cultural differences but patience and understanding at a much deeper level.

Skills and special interests:
Building ecommerce, nonprofit and real estate websites

Volunteer: nonprofit organizations (Special Olympics, Cancer League, United Royal Lao Armed Forces & Special Guerrilla Units Veterans of the Vietnam War—webmaster/design

President & CEO of Autistic Minds, a charitable nonprofit 501(c)3 (webmaster/design/owner



International Trade

CIPS (NAR designation):

Benefits of Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Designation:

Inclusion in the CIPS Directory, and access to the CIPS Referral Network- comprised of over 3,500 elite agents located in 45 countries worldwide

(Europe, North & South Americas, and Asia)

RENE Certificate: Real Estate Negotiation Expert

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