BUYING A HOME -- What to do

When you purchase a home, you’re not only buying a house, you’re also looking for a place that you can enjoy your life in a:

neighborhood that's safe and has your kind of lifestyle and community, amenities. Whether you're single, or have a family, elderly or millenials, student, professional or retired it is important to consider all the factors involved in buying the perfect home. Here are just some other factors:

Easy access to downtown or proximity to work* School district, or the mountains.

Are you a Veteran or corporate transferee transferring for a short period of time or staying to raise roots or retiring in your home?

What house style or type and architecture do you like?

What are your requirements? do you have a big family that needs big outdoor space, a big backyard? How much of natural lighting?

What do you like to do: fishing? skiing? hiking? arts & museum?


When do you plan to move, where to move to

Make a “WISH LIST” and a “MUST HAVE”

Talk to the loan officer for prequalification/preapproval *

Buyers must get preapproved and know what they can afford.

Look at your finances. Start Saving for a Down Payment and other costs


Next,  after we know how much you can afford, contact me for a free Buyer's consultation, let's set up an appointment.  We will go over all the details of your wants/needs analysis and the buying process.

*(INRIX DRIVE TIME can be used to calculate based on Actual travel times in traffic, rather than distance. It offers drive time estimates based on traffic conditions throughout the day for every day of the week)

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